paint splatter

~ Rick Anthony Cima, Jr. ~

July 15, 1991 - September 4, 2009

   Rick Anthony Cima Jr., was a friend you could have taken pride in having known. His love for life was obvious. . . and contagious. Whether you had known him for ten years or ten minutes - his presence remained the same- laid back, funny and simply awesome to be around.You couldn't ask for a better friend.

   He was the spotlight. Whether he was on a dirtbike, moped or a scooter- Ricky had your attention.

Catching sick air on the half-pipe with a push-scooter? Yup. That was Ricky.

Carving out berms on a dirtbike? Yup. That was Ricky.

Rolling six-deep with a crew of mopeds? Yup. That was Ricky.

Ricky lived life to its fullest.And his friends and family have a ton of memories to prove it.

   As a student, Rick Anthony Cima, Jr., went above and beyond. As a 2009 graduate of Ellis Technical High School, his ambitions didn't end at the sound of the school bell. His drive and spirit helped him achieve impressive results while fund-raising for school activities and class trips. His active role in organizations such as Relay for Life and the Academy of the Holy Family will surely be missed.

   As a son, Rick was always a joy. He had a certain silly look on his face while he was concentrating that made us smile. He was a kind, loving, gentle and decent person. We are very proud to have known him not only as a son, but as a friend.

   On September 4, 2009, Ricky's life tragically ended in a car accident in Plainfield, CT. His family and friends commemorate his life with an annual memorial benefit as well as a golf tournament. All proceeds from the events are distributed towards a scholarship fund as well as charitable donations to local churches and organizations.

"God's Child . . . taken from us early in life. . . to be awaiting eternal love in heaven."